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Carronite was created by Carron Bathrooms to provide a higher level of comfort, luxury and peace of mind. All Carron Bathrooms baths are hand finished to exacting standards but only Carronite baths, with our unique, patented, triple-layer​ reinforcement system come with a 30 year guarantee.


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A leading international manufacturer of high-quality shower surfaces, bathtubs and washbasins made of superior steel enamel.


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Whether you are aiming for eye-catching design, opulent comfort or minimalist practicality, we have the products for you. So let Phoenix guide you towards your sensory perfection.


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The ultimate in both showering and bathing practicality essentials give the best of both worlds with various sizes of shower baths.

Ideal Bathrooms

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"Call us Idealists, but we think everything should be perfect"

Stylish modern sleek designs crafted from quality materials to last a time. As a sign of performance and quality , Scudo Aqua Shield is expertly applied to all glassware to create an invisible barrier to protect against limescale.